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 Pixelmapping tutorial
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Frederik Anrys

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Posted - 15 Feb 2006 :  10:19:59  Show Profile
Hi all,

I made a small tutorial on howto use the pixelmapping module in the maxedia.

Configuring your pixelmapping consists out of 2 phases.


PHASE 1 : Fixture Placement

I included a picture to illustrate my step-by-step guide.

1. Import your maxxyz show file. Your fixtures patched in your maxxyz will be listed in the Fixture list.

2. Select your fixtures you want to send dmx values to and press record and click in the layout screen.
Your fixtures will be positioned on the screen. You can drag them around to position them. You can also rotate and scale them using the belts below.

3. Record a layout to save your positioned fixtures in a fixture layout map.

4. Select your fixtures you need to control together and press record and click in free dim group space to add them in a dim group. Notice the number top-right will change to your dim group number. The dim group functionality will become more clear in phase 2.

5. Press enable DMX to enable sending out dmx values. Keep the refresh rate of your cue running to 0 if you do not need a preview. It takes much cpu power to render the preview.

PHASE 2 : Pixelmapping control with Dimmer Groups

In the pixelmapping screen you have full control over your dimmer groups. For each dimmer group you can decide what your maxedia sends out. The image below shows the configuration for each dimmer group.

1. Dim group 1.
All dmx values generated by maxedia are sent to your fixtures.

2. Dim group 2
All dmx values coming from your console are sent to your fixtures. Maxedia is only a HUB for your dmx values coming from your lighting desk.
The rgb values from your lighting desk are sent through maxedia to your fixtures in Dim group 2. There are no changes made to them by maxedia.

3. Dim group 4.
All dmx values coming generated by maxedia are used for 50%. Also together with those dmx values, there is RGB added to the dmx values. This RGB is added for 100% for the fixtures located in Dim group 4.

4. Besides all that, there is also a global dimmer (= Master) ontrolling the output level of all Dim Groups. It is easy to black out every fixture placed on the layout.

All these Dim groups can also be controlled through DMX. So your lighting desk has also full control over the Dimmer Groups itselfs.
You can enable or disable these fixtures and assign address and universe to it in the DMX-In settings (config panel).

Please feel free to post any further questions.


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Posted - 13 Mar 2006 :  10:27:08  Show Profile
When saying:

1. Import your maxxyz show file. Your fixtures patched in your maxxyz will be listed in the Fixture list.

Does this mean that the Maxxyz show file has to be downloaded somewhere in the Maxedia?
Or, having both consoles connected through a reversed LAN cable will make the show file be displayed and selectable?
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Dean Price

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Posted - 23 Apr 2006 :  23:16:23  Show Profile
There gives an import button on the DMX output page ( under config )in the Maxedia which will ask where the Maxxyz showfile is. When you have an open network with your Maxxyz, then you can import it directly from a saved showfile.
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Posted - 13 Feb 2008 :  00:07:56  Show Profile
We had an issue, that we tried under build 76 to record just one dimgroup and selected the fixtures with the "select all" button.
We tried this a couple of times but this didnt worked.
The fixtures didnt generate any values except 0.
After selecting the fixture in the layout with doubleclicking on the first and the last and recording this selection to a dimgroup, it worked. Can anybody reproduce that error ?
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Posted - 10 Jan 2009 :  01:05:34  Show Profile
I've been trying to teach re teach myself this process for the last 3 days and have been very unsuccessful in doing so. And I seem to keep running into snags. Once I jump one hurdle I find a bigger one.

Is this a dated tutorial? If so, why is it a sticky? I keep hearing that this process is so easy. Not finding that the case.

None of the screens I see in this tutorial resemble mine at all. I've been told that I have the right version. (Version 3 Build 76 Revision C) Does this sound right? Am I missing steps? Even though I was unable to import my patch from the Maxxyz I still made the addresses and universes match in the patch. Is this only for network Maxxyz and Maxedia. Does a DMX link alone insufficient?

In Phase 1 Question 4, you say. The Dim Group functionality will become more clear in Phase 2. I still don't understand it. I can't save dim groups on my screens, and when I try to make a view that has them, they seem to be filled in already. I'm not seeing this.

PLEASE HELP! I've been searching these threads for days trying to come up with answers and got no where except getting the fixtures patched in.

I'm just trying to test this out with one StageBar. Surely someone has an answer.
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Posted - 09 Apr 2010 :  05:47:01  Show Profile
If I want to use Pixelmapping to control the color of moving head and use maxxyz to control the movement of the moving head at the same time.How can I setting and linking the DMX Cable for all the equiments?
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Paul Pelletier

10024 Posts

Posted - 09 Apr 2010 :  12:32:54  Show Profile

Artnet out of Console into Maxedia Artnet In

Artnet Out of Maxedia to the Ether2DMX to moving light.

Artnet out of Maxxyz is on 2.x.x.x
Artnet out of Maxedia is on 10.x.x.x

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Posted - 15 Feb 2011 :  15:39:21  Show Profile
Artnet out of Maxxyz is on 2.x.x.x
Artnet out of Maxedia is on 10.x.x.x

What do you mean? There is no ARTNET out at Maxxyz back. Only Network. Is it the same???

What do you mean with 2.x.x.x......??? Is it IP address??
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Paul Pelletier

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Posted - 15 Feb 2011 :  22:11:07  Show Profile
On the Maxxyz you have a EtherDMX out, the protocol on the output is Artnet.

The IP range used by Artnet is either 2.x.x.x oir 10.x.x.x
(meaning any number between to
Or (any number between to

Example your Maxxyz is set at and you Maxedia Artnet input is set at

The Output of Maxedia is on and you Artnet to DMX (example Ether2DMX8) is set to

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