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 Mac 250 Krypton pcb power issue
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Posted - 06 Jul 2011 :  16:11:20  Show Profile
Sorry to keep posting in here, but until we get a Hardware support forum for the stuff Martin sells the most of...

Attempted to repair a dead krypton today.
The pcb shows 2 green leds lit, should be all 3 lit, the right side one is off. The red and lower green leds are also off.
I have metered out HV leads from the pcb to the base and they are all reading through. Swapped out the pcb with a working one and the issue was still there.

Any suggestions would be most welcome before i get my pants pulled down with postage fees for parts from Denmark (7 pan belt- 20 delivery WTF!!!!!)

Carlos Mendoza

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Posted - 13 Jul 2011 :  21:20:45  Show Profile
Hi, check if D7 and D9 are shorted, you can remove or desolder one tip of these for test, which green LED is off?, best regards.
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Posted - 20 Aug 2011 :  01:32:33  Show Profile
I have 3 mac 250 kyrptons. there was a bad power outage in the buliding i believe power company transformer blew. any how all my inteligent lights are out. the only fuse i see out on 2 of them is the 6.3 amp one on the pcb board the 2 outside green lights are on and red light and botom green. everytime i change the bad fuse it blows instantly. anyone have any idea why? the other light the 2 amp fuse keeps blowing out. and only middle green light lit. i csn really use some help if its a quick fix great if not i will send it to martin thanks
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Posted - 01 May 2012 :  11:27:33  Show Profile
Hello All,

I've got the same problem.
No display and no movement.
On the PCB there are 2 green leds on.
(there are three of them, the middle en right one are on)

Is this the problem with the 2 diode?
Is it the 2 diode at the bottem of the pcb?

thank in advance!
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Posted - 06 May 2012 :  18:36:17  Show Profile
i'm al little bit further, i now know that the 30volt en 12 volt cirquit are working. The 5 volt cirquit is down. so thats why the led is off. Someone know whats defect?
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Kris VH

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Posted - 07 May 2012 :  11:30:57  Show Profile
Hi Guys,
you can always send a mail to for these kind of questions. Please note that this section of the forum is not (officially) monitored by the moving head's service team of Martin. You can also contact your local dealer who has access to the electrical schematics of these fixtures and is able to service your Martin equipment.

Kind Regards,
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Posted - 08 May 2012 :  12:50:14  Show Profile
Originally posted by savidge

i'm al little bit further, i now know that the 30volt en 12 volt cirquit are working. The 5 volt cirquit is down. so thats why the led is off. Someone know whats defect?

Still not fixed it. I spoke to the Martin Service department. They are positive it is a Motherboard issue. Their only solution would be to do a new mobo 700 or a swap out (give them the old mobo and in return we get a second hand repaired one) only slightly cheaper.
Due to the expense of spares and the postage/time involved. I have made a company wide decision with regards to Martin. When major repair costs are going to be incurred that unit will be used for spares.
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Posted - 11 May 2012 :  19:58:28  Show Profile
At this moment i did get the schematics of a vriend.
The problem is there is no 5 volt. So whit some mesuring i foud dat IC46 is dead? the is 12 volt in, 3,3 volt out only the 5 volt is not working. So i'm going to change the IC46 it's a L5970D it cost about 4 euro. I will let you know if it worked. Second hand macs are about 900 euro!
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Posted - 12 Apr 2015 :  17:25:21  Show Profile
@ savidge

Hi, I have the same problem: with the fixture in upright position, the left green LED is off. All fuses are OK.
Did you succeed in replacing IC46? Did this solve your problem of the missing 5V ?
I don't have a service manual nor schematics. If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate this very much!

Best regards,
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Posted - 20 Apr 2015 :  18:08:15  Show Profile
The problem is fixed after 3 years ;-)

the 12 to 5 volt IC was broken.
so replacing it was enough.

The misteak we made was a diod in reverse (very nice)

best regards

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