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 Martin LightJockey 2
 Latest LJ release and other useful stuff
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Paul Pelletier

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Posted - 23 Jan 2012 :  18:32:04  Show Profile
Latest LightJockey 2 (For One-Key) release download info (Windows 7 and Windows 8 Compatible)

Latest LightJockey (Without One-Key) release download info (Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible)


Latest LJ Manager download info(Scheduler and Touchscreen plugin)

German helpfile for version 2.6 build 6 see

Martin LightJockey Joystick Control Version by ZXUJR

LJ FaderS 2.0
Plug-in for Lightjockey to use Midi interfaces (by Roboscan)


LightJockey Quickguide by Andre Daigle

LightJockey Quickstart as PDF in Dutch (thanks to Fairlight)

Offline Visualizer Help on the web

Krystle's FAQ and quick start for Fingers see

Product links:





MUM: (firmware upload for Martin fixtures)

External websites
Home of the makers of OV (Offline Visualizer).
Paul Pelletier’s website - the home of various LightJockey add-ons such as LJ scheduler and LJ touch. You will also find the latest version of Paul’s LD Calculator.
A number of very useful LightJockey add-ons to extend the capabilities of LightJockey (including extended MIDI/RS-232 functionality).
No web forum where some of the pros hang out. Lots of accumulated experience and knowledge but think before you talk, and bring your flack jacket (just in case).
Ujaal’s site giving you the hard facts on DMX 512. Also has a very good section with manufacturer links.
Home of MIDI Yoke and MIDI-OX, indispensable tools for those using MIDI to control LJ.
Is this list missing your favorite LightJockey/DMX related website? – let us know.

Light Inspiration Plugins

Paul Pelletier

10024 Posts

Posted - 23 Jan 2012 :  18:32:37  Show Profile
How to upload files to the forum

While the forum does not support a dedicated upload file function, the integrated upload image function can be used to upload any type of file to the server which other users can download via a link in the message. Here is how:

Start a new thread or reply to an already existing message (quick reply does not give you the upload image option).

Upload image function

Click “Upload Image” located in upper right hand corner.

Point the upload applet to the file you wish to upload on your local system and click “upload the selected file”

When the upload has finished the applet will automatically insert the name of the uploaded file in your message – the file path is automatically renamed to match the name of the file now located on the web server.
Since the function is designed to upload and include images into the message it will also include a couple of image tags that will cause the board code to display an image based on the file when the message is shown.

Message inserts and tags

For non-image files you will have to manually remove the image tags leaving only the filename.

Removing image tags

Removing the tags will leave the file name and other users will then be able to click on the link and download the file.

Resulting message

Couple of notes:

If in doubt use the message preview function - if you made a mistake you can always edit your own message (e.g. if you forgot to remove the image tags).

The applet may give you a message that states that only certain types of files are allowed – just ignore, it will upload anyway.

Filenames should not contain spaces – the file will still be uploaded but some browsers may have difficulties resolving the resulting link.

You cannot overwrite a file that has already been uploaded with another file with the same name. If you upload a file with a filename that already exist the applet will automatically add an index to the filename, e.g. upload1.jpg may be renamed to upload1(1).jpg

You cannot delete files that you have uploaded (you can of course remove the message and/or links)

Please think before uploading – our server space is limited and abuse may lead to the function being removed or we may have to force a size limit on uploads. If the file is large and already hosted on a different web or ftp server you don’t have to upload the file, just post the link.

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Paul Pelletier

10024 Posts

Posted - 07 Feb 2012 :  01:43:46  Show Profile
LightJockey Joystick Control Version 2.12

To update to the newest version, log into your online account and click the "Update" button next to your software license.


Get It Now:


Release Notes (Check out the new features in V2.12 here):

LightJockey Joystick Control is a software add-on to the Martin LightJockey Intelligent Lighting control software. It allows the control of Martin LightJockey through any PC game controller. The ideal controllers are the Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2, the Logitech Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick, or a similar wireless controller due to the fact that wireless allows you to walk anywhere to focus lights. This makes programming and playback much easier. You can also run your show from anywhere within range of the controller. A wireless controller allows programming sequences, running cues, executing cuelists, and many more tasks wirelessly! Although wireless control over LightJockey is ideal, any PC based game controller will work. You can program a button on the controller to allow the disabling/enabling of the controller output. This helps limit accidental button presses or pan/tilt movements. The custom buttons portion of the software allows you to customize all of the controller’s buttons, the Z axis, and the R axis of the controller. You can program two buttons on the controller to be used as shift buttons 1 and 2, and if you hold them together, a third shift function is activated. You are able to customize the normal function of any of the twenty controls, as well as a separate function if any of the three shifts are active. This allows 80 possible customized functions of the controller. You can also save each custom button layout for use later. Example: You could have a custom button file configured for programming and another file configured for playback. You are able to save and load an unlimited amount of custom button configurations. Button functions can include any of the following:

· Launch or clear any cue

· Execute any function that LJ supports as a hotkey

· Flash or Toggle any sequence

· Load any cuelist

· Load any Background Cue

· Load any Static

· Launch Any Built-In Function

There are ten different speeds supported for the analog or digital control of the pan/tilt in LightJockey. These are Ultra Fast, Super Fast, Very Fast, Fast, Medium, Slow, Very Slow, Super Slow, Ultra Slow, and Fine Adjust. The speeds can be changed directly from the controller or you can change them on the software interface. Relative Movement and Absolute Position are both supported. Some other program features are the ability to minimize to the system tray, close with LightJockey, and animate the on-screen display, and keep the window always on top. You can also map Axis Options to an extra controller axis such as Master Intensity of LightJockey or the speed of Pan/Tilt movement.

If you have any questions or comments, please reply here.

If you notice any errors or need for improvements, please let me know.
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