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Ryan D

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Posted - 24 Dec 2013 :  11:05:30  Show Profile
Hi all,

I wanted to ask you guys, how do you setup your M1 console for a live busking show ? Tips ? Please be as so kind to share.

I've been working on this console for nearly 1 year now and i still have not found my comfort zone for a live busk! I want to get things seamlessly as possible in time with the music, almost like DJ'ing with my fixtures :)


Ryan D

16 Posts

Posted - 24 Dec 2013 :  12:55:00  Show Profile
I will share my tips in exchange for new ones :)
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Posted - 24 Dec 2013 :  15:48:24  Show Profile
Here's mine:

Top left faders - submasters
2nd row of faders- Intensity chases and movements set as overrides

1st row buttons - stacks of color schemes. Ex. Warm, cool, organic, extreme.
2nd row of buttons- positions, with different fade times in the cue stack

Main playbacks
1. Movement speed ( override)
2. Intensity speed (override)
3. Color speed (override)
4-5. Entire looks (override)
6. Entire rig color schemes (snap)
7. Strobe 1 fast (strobe the entire rig)
8. Strobe 2 med
9. Strobes (atomics, etc)
10. Varies from show to show

Take advantage of the different function assignments you can put on the 2 buttons on the bottom of the main faders. Like, snap, flash, fade, Etc.

Touch panel-
Entire rows dedicated to each type of lights, with color. Ex, spots, beams, wash, 101, led pars, etc
Then colors for each of those white, red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, yellow, amber. So there's grid for each light type and color option.

Then a row for 2-color Color Combinations

Then I scatter in, gobos, prism, iris, gobo rotations, Hazer, focuses

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Ryan D

16 Posts

Posted - 24 Dec 2013 :  18:10:08  Show Profile
I dont use sub masters really, i use overrides, cue lists and chases. Why create sub masters ? What is the advantage over cue list, override for eg. ?

At the moment i am using the firs 12 top left faders for making cue lists/overrides and chases for my generics and i usually put my smoke and haze here on an override.

The bottom 12 buttons i put strobe/dimmer fx and sometimes chases.

Main faders i use fader 1 as my primary cue list fader, as a back bone to everything. Its where i will save complete looks in case all else fails.

The rest of the main playback faders i split up for each fixture type. At the moment i'm doing 5 faders per fixture type which includes dimmer intensity (override) colors (cue list) positions (cue list) movement fx (cue list) and movement speed (override)

I record all my gobo stuff and leave in the preset screen.

I dnt like changing pages, but have to i guess, find it hard to lock right back onto the right page using the page scroller wheels, Have to keep your eyes peeled on the screen to make sure you dnt scroll past the page you are looking for!

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Posted - 24 Dec 2013 :  18:40:59  Show Profile
I use the submasters section as inhibitives really. I record each of the fixture type intensity at 100% in the default preset. Then the inhibitive allows me to take any fixture group off or lower if needed. If its something like lekos then I'll leave in on inhibitive.
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Posted - 26 Dec 2013 :  05:51:44  Show Profile
primarily my setup is like this....

top row left faders, intensities for fixtures, second row for overrides for fx, zoom, etc...

the buttons i use for fx ie strobes/flashes...

main playback sections are typically static POS, specific looks, chases....

then on screen is usual view is playback buttons if using one screen...ususally that houses colors gobos(with recorded focus values, fx figures, any KEY and super important positions.

hope that all for any tips and tricks...i think keep them coming!
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Posted - 27 Dec 2013 :  18:31:31  Show Profile
I do not own an M1 but a M2PC.
From left to right on the faders i use intensity of the movingheads(Cuelist with also effect like snap shutters) second fader the FX speed of the intensity, strobe, Pan/tilt speed, intensity and rate for the strobes.
The colors and positions are on the playback screen.
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Ryan D

16 Posts

Posted - 02 Jan 2014 :  13:13:18  Show Profile
Right so i've just come off to firaly large outdoor music festivals, NO riders, running order or anything whatsoever. On the second festival i learnt a bit from the first, set my M1 up as follows and found im getting closer to feeling comfortable to busk anything good... but still much to be learnt,

starting at the top left sub masters

I put my generics here. FOH lamp bars, profiles, fresnels and record them into cuelists. I also set the cuelist so the will NOT release if you snap realize all. Idea is for them to stay locked on no matter what unless you physical go to the fader and reales it. What i have learnt tho is i could move these cuelists up to sub master page that i will not use often so that i have space available on page 1.

Next bunch of faders below i store all my molefays. (audience blinders) I record overrides with groups of all of them and the rest of the faders i record chases. (i'm a molefay geek)

Bump buttons I record all my strobe fx for all fixtures so i can bump between fixtures quickly.

Main playback faders

I record my stage wash fixtures here. same as i mentioned above, first fader intensity, positions, fx, speed fx and chases for stage wash.


I recored all the rest of my beams lights and FX units. Keeping all the intensity, positions, fx speed etc on faders and the chases for each fixture type i store on the bump buttons.

Lastly, i use a ELO touch screen with the M1.

I set my main window on the M1 with windows that reflect my live output.

on the touch screen i split with groups and presets for qucik access should i have something that is not stored on a fader or button.

Cool, so yeah feeling a bit better about laying my desk out for rapid on the fly changes in time with music!
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