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Marco Westveer

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Posted - 18 Jun 2014 :  13:10:56  Show Profile
The latest versions can be found in the downloads section of the website.

Version 6.0.1602.11. (11 Feb 2016)
  • Improved: Import of Sketchup 2016 files is now supported.

  • Improved: VectorWorks 2016 plugin added.

  • Bug Fix: 'Auto Save' could become active while the document was being loaded, which could cause a crash.

  • Bug Fix: When changing scene files, MSD could crash.

  • Bug Fix: MSD Compact would delete model objects that are used as Panel shape.

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1602.03. (03 Feb 2016)
  • Bug Fix: 'Auto Save' could crash if the folder where the program is trying to backup the scene does not exist.

  • Bug Fix: A problem with IDs within Fixture blocks.

  • Bug Fix: Document was not set to 'changed' when the Fast-Patch operation was used.

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1601.13. (13 Jan 2016)
  • Improved: Added mouse Scroll-Wheel support to the Time-Line.

  • Bug Fix: A bug in DMX-Controlled Panels could corrupt memory when using these panels in a scene, causing a crash.

  • Bug Fix: A bug could cause the Logo control (Preferences) to disappear when changing a scene and could also cause problems when cleaning up when closing down the program, sometimes causing a crash.

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1601.08. (08 Jan 2016)
  • Improved: Added mouse Scroll-Wheel support to the Time-Line.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed the Array-Copy section in the Sidebar, which had a wrong header, causing the size of the dialog to be incorrect, and hiding the Apply and Cancel buttons.

  • Bug Fix: Manual Gobos were not correct loaded when creating a render (raytrace) scene.

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1512.23. (23 Dec 2015)
  • Improved: The Fast NetRender Server now comes in 2 versions (32-bit and a 64-bit).
    The installer will detect what version OS is installed and based on that, the correct Fast NetRender Server is installed.
    The 64-bit version can make better use of all the available memory.

  • Improved: The 3D Visualizer and the Fast NetRender Server are using improved code, making the rendering (raytracing) faster.

  • Improved: The 3D Visualizer now also has an Auto-Backup feature (like the ShowDesigner and Model modules).
    You can easily switch it on and off in the Statusbar, and set the time interval in the Preferences.
    These settings can also be stored in Workspaces (Preferenes).
    When AutoBackup is enabled, a backup of the scene is stored in the MSD User Folder 'Other' as long as the programs runs, refreshing it every now and then (interval), and which is removed after the program closes.

  • Improved: Setting the Manual Color (Gel) of a fixture now allows selection from a list of known gels (just like in a scroller accessory).

  • Bug Fix: Fixed some issues when moving the application to another monitor, which could cause problem with LED fixtures.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed some issues with Fixture Blocks (Materials, IDs, etc.).

  • Bug Fix: Camera Animation in the timeline is now shown in the active viewport instead of the first viewport.

  • Bug Fix: Rendering of conventional fixtures could have the lens in the wrong location.

  • Bug Fix: Several Memory leaks were fixed.

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1512.01. (01 Dec 2015)
  • Improved: If a camera effects is active, it is used when creating a Render Preview of File.

  • Improved: Material Edit section of Sidebar: The previews are buffered to improve performance.

  • Bug Fix: LED Fixtured sometimes rendered (raytraced) with a wrong color, giving the color a distinct red shift.

  • Bug Fix: Panels with a custom lens geometry could show the geometry wrong (missing parts).

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1511.11. (11 Nov 2015)
  • New: DMX interface for the Camera, so it can be operated from a console.
    (Information on the DMX layout of the camera interface an be found in this document: Shortcuts-Mouse-CameraDMX.pdf.)

  • Improved: Mouse scroll events are now handled by the control 'under' the mouse.

  • Improved: SideBar
    • Added 'collapse all' button to the Sidebar header.
    • Changed 'open/close' arrow directions to be compatible with windows and other programs.
    • Rearranged Material Edit section, and added Previews/Tooltips for the images.
    • Less 'flickering' while using the SideBar.
    • Added animation to scroll an opening section into view.
    • Mouse wheel scroll can now be used to set the properties in the Sidebar.
    • Added an 'Shadows always' option to the 'Options' section of the Render Preview dialog.

  • Bug Fix: Trailing 'Rubber banding' artifacts while moving an undocked SideBar.

  • Bug Fix: Texture 'wrapping' was not set correctly when switching devices (monitors).

  • Bug Fix: Fixed some other bugs that could occur during switching devices.

  • Bug Fix: Entering a filter string that resulted in an empty list could hang the program.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed some memory leaks.

  • Bug Fix: Recording of a DMX Show could crash.

  • Bug Fix: Material mask 'wrapping' was not done correctly.

  • Bug Fix: Material assigned to the 'Default' part would ignore the lock-settings when rendering (raytracing).

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

In the document Shortcuts-Mouse-CameraDMX.pdf we have also inluded a list with the shortcut keys in the MSD 3D Visualizer module, and how the different camera operations an be used.

M-Series camera prpfile can be found here

Version 6.0.1510.01. (01 Oct 2015)
  • Bug fix: Adding 2 new materials could create an endless loop, crashing the program.

  • Bug fix: The program could hang if a video source could not be found or is invalid (or has zero length).

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1509.14. (14 Sep 2015)
  • Improved: Shortcut keys now also work (in most cases) if the focus is on the Sidebar.

  • Changes: Updated the way the Camera operations on the middle and right mouse buttons work.
    New Assignments :
                   | No key  | Shift   | Ctrl    | Shift + Ctrl | Alt      | Double click
    2D View/Middle | Move XY | Move XY | Move XY | Move F/B     | Zoom     | Full view
    2D View/Right  | Rect Zm | Move XY | Move XY | Move XY      | Move F/B | Full view
    3D View/Middle | Inspect | Move XY | Swivel  | Move F/B     | Zoom     | Full view
    3D View/Right  | Rect Zm | Move XY | Swivel  | Inspect new  | Move F/B | Full view
                   |         |         |         | picked obj   |          |            

  • Bug fix: Intensity of Omnidirectional fixtures was incorrect (DirectX11).

  • Bug fix: Fixed problem with Video Textures (DirectX9).

  • Bug fix: Fixed bug which would inadvertently move the toolbar after opening a sub-menu.

  • Bug fix: Renaming a material would not update the material related lists.

  • Bug fix: Changing a material would update all objects using the material incorrectly. (Individual mapping was ignored.)

  • Bug fix: Imported objects with texture coordinates would always use these coordinates (even when instructed not to).

  • Bug fix: Single copy in a 2D window will set the 'missing' coordinate the same as the original (instead of zero).

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1507.01. (01 Jul 2015)
  • Bug fix: There was a problem with bulb fixtures in the DirectX11 engine, causing a wrong intensity, which was the same for all.

  • Bug fix: Importing a fixture from an external library in the 3D Visualizer would crash the program.

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1506.26. (26 Jun 2015)
  • Improvement: Added filters to the Object list and Fixture list in the Library Contents section of the Sidebar.

  • Improvement: Improved the feedback of the drivers status light:
    • Red [ DMX OFF ]: DMX Connection Disabled.
    • Orange [ DMX ON ]: Not receiving DMX.
    • Green [ DMX ON ]: Receiving DMX Data.
    • Green [ DMX ACT ]: Receiving DMX Changes. (If connection supports detection of changes.)

  • Improvement: Array Copy switches off after apply. (Operation works once.)

  • Improvement: Array Copy has a new 'advanced' option 'Select the copies', which (as the name suggest) selects the copies after the operation is applied.
    (This way you can directly group the original with the copies, or control them for example.)

  • Bug fix: Fixed ambient lighting of the viewports.

  • Bug fix: Dynamic objects (and their 'purple' helpers) were always visible, even if the layer they were on was turned off or the 'Show dynamic helpers' option was off.

  • Bug fix: Several other small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1505.29. (29 May 2015)
  • A number of bug fixes and maintenance of code.

Version 6.0.1505.11. (11 May 2015)
  • Improved: Added properties in the Sidebar to be able to change the PanTilt Swap, PanInvert and Tilt Invert.

  • Bug fix: The 'Current Camera' media source did not work correctly.

  • Bug fix: Projection on the backside of a (semi)transparent surface was not visible.

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1503.24. (24 Mar 2015)
  • Improved: The transparency of Effects is now determined by the color difference between a pixel and the background color (background color is determined by the upper left corner pixel), allowing for green-screen videos as well as black-background videos to be used.

  • Improved: The default threshold values (low and high) for effects can be overwritten using the media command functions of the Video Controller 'fixture'.

  • Improved: Improved accuracy of the shadows. (Sometimes the light went 'to far'.)

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1503.09. (09 Mar 2015)
  • Bug fix: At the very end of generating a video, the program could hang.

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1502.12. (12 Feb 2015)
  • Bug fix: A bug was found in the previous (removed) version 6.0.1502.04. of the 3D Visualizer.
    This bug could cause the program to hang during loading (in new optimization code).
    (This problem could occur if the scene contains Hoist Platforms.)

Version 6.0.1502.04. (04 Feb 2015)
  • Bug fix: A bug was found in the previous (removed) version 6.0.1502.02. of the 3D Visualizer.
    This bug could corrupt the scene during loading (in new optimization code).

    If you have such scenes (problem scene, which was opened and saved in the 3D Visualizer version 6.0.150202), you can open and save it with this new version, and that should make the scene workable again. (This 'recovery' process may have replace corrupted assemblies with groups.)

Version 6.0.1502.02. (02 Feb 2015)
  • Improved: Some optimizations have been made to the internal structure to improve speed.

  • Improved: Some code optimizations have been make to speed up the group/assembly operations on Fixtures.

  • Bug fix: Unexplainable shadows in the center of the beam when the beam was hitting the base of the fixture have been fixed.

  • Bug fix: Fixtures with (noticeable) leak light could have beams that started out larger than the lens diameter.

  • Bug fix: Fixture IDs could be cleared.

  • Bug fix: Changing zoom angle operations did not always update the view correctly.
    (For example while using the mouse scroll wheel, causing the grid to be displayed in the wrong place.)

  • Bug fix: Improved handling of scenes when some Materials were not stored correctly due to an earlier bug.
    We now try to recover the Material where possible during loading of the scene file.

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1501.06. (06 Jan 2015)
  • Bug fix: Loading a scene while the 3D Visualizer has multiple views open could cause strange effects in the viewport(s).

  • Bug fix: Creating a Render scene (while starting a Render Preview) could cause a crash with some panel type fixtures.

  • Bug fix: The material library in a scene file was sometimes not saved correctly, which would cause a failure to load materials when loading the scene again in MSD.

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1412.19. (19 Dec 2014)
  • Updated: MSD 6 now supports Sketchup 2015 files.

  • Bug fix: Undo / Redo could cause a crash and undetermined behavior.

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1412.16. (16 Dec 2014)
  • Bug fix: Fast Patch did not patch conventional fixtures.

  • Bug fix: Fast Patch settings were not correctly initialized.

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1411.26. (26 Nov 2014)
  • Improved: ArtNet drivers - Selection of network interfaces and better cooperability with other ArtNet users.
    (In both the MSD 3D Visualizers internal ArtNet driver and the external ArtNet driver.)

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1411.13. (13 Nov 2014)
  • New: Added support for a new type of panel fixture, which will turn its lens towards the camera (sometimes called 'billboarding').
    This can be especially useful for effects, always showing the effect video towards the camera, making the effect look less '2D' and more '3D'.

  • New: The new Display Mode option called 'Lux Map' is now also available for the DirectX 9 Engine.
    (Activating this option will show the illuminance in false color.)

  • Bug fix: Intensity calculation of LED fixtures was incorrect, which could result in low output at short distances.

  • Bug fix: Panel fixtures with a an override of the default lens shape did not show correctly.

  • Bug fix: Initialization of the DirectX 11 engine could crash while detecting if the graphics card(s) support DirectX 11 (instead of presenting the user with the option to switch to the DirectX 9 engine).

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1411.07. (07 Nov 2014)
  • New: Added a new Display Mode option called 'Lux Map' [ DirectX 11 Engine only ].
    (Activating this option will show the illuminance in false color.)

  • Improved: Media mapping can now also be applied to a Group of fixtures, mapping the panels as one big panel.

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1410.24. (24 Oct 2014)
  • Improved: Added more commands to the Video/Effect playback, including a 'go to' command.

  • Bug fix: Video recording did not work with the Video/Effect playback commands.

  • Bug fix: Some other small bugs were fixed.

Version 6.0.1410.21. (21 Oct 2014)
  • New: Added support for DMX control of Video/Effect playback using a special 'controller' fixture.

  • Bug fix: Transparent objects were not handled correctly, sometime 'occluding' other transparent objects.

  • Bug fix: The Smoke animation could stop when moving window to second monitor.

Version 6.0.1410.09. (9 Oct 2014)
  • New: VectorWorks plugins for VectorWorks version 2015. (Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the plugin are available.)

  • New: Effect media source. This is the same as a Video media source, but for the Effect, the transparency is set by the intensity of the color. This allows you to use videos of pyro etc (with a dark background) to simulate effects.

  • Bug fix: The minimal camera front distance has changed from 1 cm to 25 cm. This fixes some issues with the depth buffer. (We also added a setting in the Camera section where you can tweak this value if necessary.)

Version 6.0.1410.03. (3 Oct 2014)
  • New: You can now create and apply license request and license update files directly from the MSD 3D Visualizer.

  • Bug fix: The Pick and selection are visible again in the Scene Contents.

  • Bug fix: Several memory leaks and small bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1409.10. (10 Sep 2014)
  • Improvement: The DMX shows can now store 64 universes (was 32 universes).

  • Bug fix: Compact could crash on certain scenes.

  • Bug fix: Fixed a few memory leaks in the graphics engine(s).

  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem with monitor switching where the scene window turned black.

  • Bug fix: Several other small bugs.

Version 6.0.1409.01. (01 Sep 2014)
  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem in de Media servers (CITP) in the DirectX11 engine.

  • Bug fix: Fixed a memory leak in the DirectX11 engine which sometimes occurred using LED Panels.

  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem in replacing Fixture blocks.

  • Bug fix: Fixtures on layer where visibility is turned off did not update from DMX.

Version 6.0.1408.15. (15 Aug 2014)
  • Bug fix: Workspaces did not work correctly.
    Due to change in code from MSD 5 to MSD 6, a bug was introduced which corrupts the stored data for the workspaces, which causes problems when restoring them.
    The bug has been fixed, but because the stored workspaces have corrupted data, the list of workspaces is cleared and you need to build a new list of workspaces, sorry for that.

  • Bug fix: Several issues with Fixture Blocks have been fixed:
    • Patch could not be changed on Fixture Blocks.
    • Camera Inspect operation, with a picked Fixture Block inspected around (0,0,0) instead of insertion point.
    • Fixture Blocks could not be inserted in the Visualizer.
    • Auto patching did not work correctly.

Version 6.0.1408.04. (04 Aug 2014)
  • Changed: The 3D Visualizer build-in ArtNet driver has been improved to get better connection with M-Series software.

  • All MSD programs, drivers and installers now have a digital signature from Lighthouse Holland Sales BV.

Version 6.0.1407.21. (21 Jul 2014)
  • Changed: M-PC and MSD have both been updated.
    This means that for M-PC version 3.40 (from V3.40.358.0 and up) you will need at least MSD 6 version 6.0.1407.21. (or up) to get a correct DMX connection.

  • Bug fix: Shutter blades were very jagged.

  • Bug fix: Video panels had an incorrect offset. (Paper).

Version 6.0.1407.10. (10 Jul 2014)
  • Bug fix: Mirrored objects were not handled correctly for lighting.

  • Bug fix: Objects close to a fixture would not cast shadow.

  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug which could cast light behind the fixture.

  • Improved: (MSD 6 Pro) Pick and selection are cleared when you start creating a video.

  • Correction: (MSD 6 Lite) Some DMX connections were not included in previous installs.

Version 6.0.1407.04. (04 Jul 2014)
  • Bug fix: 3D Visualizer hanging at the end of the timeline.

  • Bug fix: Issues with the online help file.

  • Several other small changes and bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1406.18. (18 Jun 2014)
  • Bug fix: DMX Controlled LED Panels/Strips did not always map the leds to the right channels.

Version 6.0.1406.12. (12 Jun 2014)
  • Updated: The grandMA driver has been updated.
    For more information, please see the grandMA DMX Connection forum topic.

  • Updated: The fixture libraries have been updated.

  • Bug fix: The update check in the 3D Visualizer module did not work correctly.

  • Bug fix: Other minor changes and bug fixes.

Version 6.0.1406.05. (05 Jun 2014)
  • Updated: The Sketchup import of the Modeler has been updated to be able to import models made with the 2014 version.

  • Bug fix: DMX Controlled LED Panels/Strips did not always map the leds to the right channels (in the DirectX11 Engine).

  • Bug fix: Other minor changes to the initialisation of the DirectX11 Graphics Engine.

Version 6.0.1405.23. (23 May 2014)
  • Bug fix: The beams (smoke) are visible again.

Version 6.0.1405.22. (22 May 2014)
  • Improved: M-PC DMX data can now again be received without having to make a connection from within M-PC.

  • Bug fix: Video mapping on objects used as lens of panel fixtures was calculated incorrectly.

Version 6.0.1405.21. (21 May 2014)
  • Bug fix: VectorWorks plugins should now work again.
    The license problems of the plugins have been fixed.

Version 6.0.1405.14. (14 May 2014)
  • Bug fix: The M-PC driver only supported 2 universes when connected to a free M-PC version, now it supports 64 universes again for visualizing.
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