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Paul Pelletier

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Posted - 31 Aug 2007 :  03:45:47  Show Profile
This post a locked post where Frequent Asked Questions will be post and can be use as references by all.

Q:I need a fixture profile what do I do?
A:See this page

Q: Where can I download the latest version of Lightjockey


Paul Pelletier

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Posted - 31 Aug 2007 :  03:47:20  Show Profile
Transparent Cue 101: By Andre Daigle

Most of the beginner in LJ will do a sequence with everything in it and run this sequence directly without using the cue window.

They will select 4 moving, place them in blue with a gobo and mouvement... then 2 scanners in red, mouvement... and save it as a sequence test 1
If they want to change the color they have two options:
options 1: they will make a new sequence with the new color or open the test 1, make the change and save at tesst 2.

options 2: open the cue window, this will give you a window with 12 lines in it.

you will drag your sequence from the list of sequence into the first line (1) of this panel.
at that time the sequence will run automaticaly.
Then manualy you can change the color and have the rest of the parameter keep running.

If you go this way, 1 sequence is running inside the cue window.
manualy you will change the color of the 4 movinr, in green and the 2 scanners in orange.
You will see the change, because it is live.
now you will save this color change into test color, save the sequence and then clear the sequence.

your sequence test 1 who is still running inside the cue in in red and blue, now you will drag the test color sequence into the cue on the line 2, just under the test 1.
OPPS! the color as change to green and orange but all the other parameter still running.
Press on "F2" or on the number 2 just beside the Test color line in the cue.
the color is back to red and blue, press again on "F2" the green and orange is back.

Now let's do the samething with a mouvement.
select the moving and scanners together select a new macro and new speed save the sequence under test mouvement and drag from list of sequence into the cues window on the line #3.

At this moment we should have test 1 on the line #1, test color on #2 and test mouvement on line #3.

as you see the mouvement as change but the rest remain there, if you turn the line 3 to "off"...

What happen is, the LJ strar from the bottom and go up, he get to the line #3 and see a sequence that tell him to do a mouvement and nothing else, so he will do the mouvement.
Then he look at the line #2 there is a color, he will do the color.
Finaly he look at the line #1 oops! there is a color but the he will ignore the color because the line #2 as priority over the line #1.
Highest number as priority.
Then he see the mouvement, No the line #3 as priority and finaly see the gobo, Ok i have no information yet so i will do the gobo and same with the intensity.
If you turn off the test color #2 the he will look at the line #1
If you turn the line #1 off the you have nothing, but the fixtures are still moving.
Line #1 test 1 as the intensity if turn off then no more intensity.

From this you can understand that you can seperate all the feature into different lines.

The trick is that you have to save each feature or "Palete" or librairies of feature seperately with no other function active, or else you are in trouble.

What you have to do after, it is all your color, red, green, blue ... and drag into this cue, samething with gobo and mouvement.

Finally you have to organise your 12 lines if cue.
I'm have develop with the experience a logic that work, especially with system using different type or brand of fixture together.
Look at the first image at the top!

Practice and then i will be back with 102...[8)]
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Controller Support 2

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Posted - 23 Sep 2010 :  18:09:16  Show Profile

June 08 2010
New 64 bit driver posted.
Fix some isntallation issues.

Here are some notes to use LightJockey in Windows Vista and Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate.

Compatible Hardware
The only hardware supported in Vista and Windows 7 is the Universal DMX box with 2 XLR5 pins. For all other hardware use Windows XP

*Early test of the latest 64 bit drivers shows it works in Windows 7 Home Edition

The driver included with the LightJockey 2.95 is compatible with Win Vista and 7 32/64bit

In order to run the Offline visualizer a file need to be added in the folder where the LightJockey is installed. (\Offline2)
The file is d3drm.dll it can be downloaded here:

New Offline Visualizer (for LJ 2.95 or older)
There's a new version of the OV that is compatible with the MSD5 scenes it can be downloaded from this link
The Zip file must be unzip in the folder where the LightJockey OV is installed. (\Offline2)
Example C:\Program Files\Martin Professional\Martin LightJockey\Offline2

Media Player
The LightJockey Media Player will not work in Windows Vista and 7.
you have to use Win-Amp to do music or video sync.

LJ Manager
The only known issue in LJ manager is the Capture Window feature that is not working. everything else work as expected.

Aero Theme
It can be very annoying in Windows 7, if you have the aero function ON (transparent windows, etc), when you click, for instance, on the delete sequence button and you get it behind the sequence pallet so it cannot be accessed.
If you turn the aero function OFF then the delete windows always comes in front of the pallet allowing for access.

Or, in other words, just select the Windows 7 basic theme in control panel.

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Paul Pelletier

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Posted - 24 Sep 2010 :  07:27:22  Show Profile
Q: Where can I find the drivers for my hardware (ISA,PCI, PCMCIA, USB)

A: In the ProgramFiles folder where Lightis installed.

C:\Program Files\Martin Professional\Martin LightJockey\HardwareDrivers
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Paul Pelletier

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Posted - 27 Sep 2010 :  17:23:11  Show Profile
Q: The fixture I need is not in the list, where can I request a fixture?

A: New fixtures can be requested here:

Please note that not all fixture request can be accepted. We reserve the right refuse certain request base on IP infringement of Martin products.
This means Martin copycat fixtures and possibly copies of other major brands will not be accepted in the official Martin fixture library.
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