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 I want to Buy MSD but I have many questions
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Posted - 17 Feb 2016 :  13:35:48  Show Profile
Hey everyone
I am super interested in buying MSD but I have a couple of question before putting the money in. our company uses lots of martin gear so we have definitely contributed to the cause
now I want the company to buy MSD for me to design shows but buying a new video card / PSU / MSD is a big price point
so i have to be sure we can use all the gear in our shop

I definitely want to start with the MSD6 LITE first

Q1 - We bought a bunch of pretty cool fixtures from china and @Ofer Brum did a fantastic job on making us profiles for all the lights, they say there is a profile made for MSD6 but since I only have the DEMO I cant check them
Will there be the correct graffic? (Im sure not)
Q2 - if there is no graphic, i know i would have to make it in Sketchup but how do i design the beams the light gives off?
Q3 - Can I substitute a fixture that is similar to the light and reassign the addresses to match?

Q4 - The MSD Pro / Lite comparison chart says "Real time video input" is only available in Pro but can I build a wall for reference
Q5 - If yes can put a static image there a or just a looping video clip (not real time)
Q6 - how much more GPU processing power do you need to run both the video and lighting at the same time?

Q7 - Does MSD6 LITE have an object library besides fixtures like Truss and People
Q8 - If yes does it have everything needed to make a plot of a nightclub? (bar / people / tables etc.)
Q9 - Can I design a full club / venue in sketchup then import into MSD and place my fixtures?

Q10 - Like I said earlier we own 3x OneKeys, can more then one computer run the same install at the same time if both computers have a OneKey?

Q11 - Does a more up to date documentation come with the purchase (I may be wrong but i think its MSD5 manual that shows up in help now)

Sorry about all the Qs but i think many people will benefit from these answers
Thank so much for your time in advance

P.S. just to keep it easy to follow mark your answers with a Q# corresponding to question number before Answer please


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Posted - 19 Feb 2016 :  06:34:50  Show Profile
Q1 - if it lists the fixture then it will have it. Even though you can't test it, if something wasn't working correctly they are good about fixing the profile.

Q2 - I don't think you can create your own fixture and profile in MSD

Q3 - Sure, understand it won't be the exact same thing

Q4 - Yes, you can build a virtual video wall

Q5 - You can play static images and video

Q6 -IF you don't add too many elements a good graphic card can run both. Get the best graphics card you can afford.

Q7 - Yes, some other objects. Use 3D warehouse for anything else you need.

Q8 - Same as above. Plus you can use the modeler or sketchup and import.

Q9 - Yes, I have seen it get hung up with a file that was too large though.

Q10. MSD needs a one-key to operate. You will need a MSD liscense.

Q11. I havent seen the docs recently, they may have been updated. They are fairly basic, but provide the info you need to get started. Use the YouTube videos too
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Paul Pelletier

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Posted - 19 Feb 2016 :  12:50:29  Show Profile
Email me, we can then talk on the Phone, I'm in Montreal.

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Posted - 20 Feb 2016 :  21:22:19  Show Profile
Awesome @Musicmatters you are the best
answered all my question
Thank you very much

@Paul Pelletier good to have some fellow Canadians here EHH :P
I am going to email you now
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